My experience on the Web

As a person who was born into technology, i’ve been pretty involved on the web. I use it for all sorts of things, from educational to trivial things. I spend most of my time on my phone more than the web, but i spend a lot of time on things like Crunchyroll watching anime. I also spend my free time writing on Wattpad for fun or on Youtube watching Queen performing on Live Aid for the millionth time (Can’t get enough of it.) Somepositive aspects of the web are it’s endless resources, you can. get all types of information. Something negative is how incredibly dangerous it is. Honestly I don’t think can live without the web, I could get use to it but if I can have it i’ll keep it. Im a youngster I spend like 8 hours a day on the web don’t judge.

A tweet that perfectly describes my experience on the web and in the class is this tweet… by myself.

I really think im funny but seriously, the internet is very scary

I also have to attach an instagram post so Iv’e chosen to attach this one because Im pretty proud of these pictures and I love the 80’s outfit.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by 🌟D A I S Y🌟 (@m.sophiee) on

It’s one of my favorite pictures of myself 🙂 follow me on insta btw

I was also asked to attach a youtube video. I chose this one because I watched it a long. time ago and It reminded me how horrifying the internet can really be… yet here I am haha.

This scared me more than any horror movie so watch at your own risk !!

Also here’s a beautiful picture of my favorite flowers, the sunflower!

Denver Sunflowers
“Denver Sunflowers” by reid.neureiter is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

And thats the end of this blog post, thanks for reading (these make less and less sense every time )

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