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Welcome to Sophia Margarita’s Page.


I am a filmmaker and actress based in Puerto Rico.


Within this site you can learn more about me and my previous projects.




!! Internet Security !!

So as you may or may not know I made this website as a part of my informatics class. Meaning tha from time to timeI’ll post some homework the professor asks of us so don’t worry, soon we’ll be back to reguarly programed nerd content.

Online Shopping Security
“Online Shopping Security” by perspec_photo88 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

I was asked to react to the dangers of the. internet and how easy it is to invade someone’s privacy. My reaction…is:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

This place is a minefield! It’s almost unavoidable to get screwed over! Everything is about the internet but the more you expose yourself on here the more damage can be done. It’s beyond scary, one may think that couldn’t happen to. me but really? You don’t know that! So Im telling you, change your passwords from your birthday to something actually safe because guess what? Hackers can. guess it in about an hour!

Yes I do think im becoming paranoid what of it.

Here’s an example of how dangerous the web can be.Im sure that by now you’ve hear of ‘Deep Fakes’. While these might be funny when it’s Bill Hader imitating Tom Cruise, but when under the right circumstance can be very scary.

Here you can realize how, in the wrong hands, deep fakes can cause great harm.

Once this information settled in my brain I got really overwhelmed. and realized. some stuff and I posted this:

So in summary: The less you share on the internet,the better. Take me for example,I am a cosplayer so Im always sharing pictures and videos of myself so theoretically a deep fake might be made of me. Maybe not because my makeup varies? Im not sure but It’s still a very scary thought.

Some things I learned that are more important than you think:

-Have a secure and different password for all of your accounts! Simple things like your birthday can be guessed by hackers in no time.

-Don’t trust unsecure sites. If the little lock isn’t green don’t share your personal information on that site! Hackers can replicate a. similar page to maybe your bank’s page and once you write your information you’re in trouble.

-Be careful on open wifi. Yes, Starbucks is fun but Its password-less network can cause trouble if you input your personal information.

The internet is a very useful and fun place, but like everything, there’s another side of the story. So be careful! Use a VPN, change your passwords and instruct yourself (learn what to do here: ) so you can keep the ones you love safe as well. Remember, you may think ‘that won’t happen to me!’ but you really can’t tell so better safe than sorry. Stay safe and Stay Peachy! 🙂


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