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Welcome to Sophia Margarita’s Page.


I am a filmmaker and actress based in Puerto Rico.


Within this site you can learn more about me and my previous projects.




Welcome to Haha’s

Resultado de imagen para joker poster
Movie poster for ‘Joker’ directed by Todd Phillips

I know what you’re thinking… “Wow she just started this blog and her first and second post are both about crazy clowns?” well yeah I have a crush on one of them and Im scared of the other one and I assure you, you don’t know which one’s which.

So, Joker amairight? Everyone’s talking about it, DC outdid themselves and we’re all excited about it. Going into theaters, my initial thought was “It’s the same character they’ve portrayed multiple times, how different can it really be?” and boy did I swallow my words.

It still gives me goosebumps.

The prince of crime has been played many times by many different people, but this is the first time we see him as a human being an not Batman’s main villain. Arthur Fleck is now someone we know, we saw his journey and his attepts at becoming a person but society kept ignoring and mistreating him,he just wanted to make people laugh not for them to laugh at him.

I was very excited about this movie beacause first off the trailer looks amazing the cinematography lowkey turned me on and Joker is just an iconic character who I love. Sure Jared Leto’s version scared me away from him but Juaquin Phoenix braught him back and I love him.

As far as negative comments go, All I’ve heard from the people around me is that it was too graphic. I get where they’re coming from, you hear Joker you. think superhero/villain movie and we’re used to those being more kid friendly. However DC has been known for having a darker cinematic universe and I think this movie captured it perfectly.

Now that we have Juaquin Phoenix portraying another great Joker, Jared Leto’s Joker is getting more and more hated. His version of the Joker is more of a pimp than a mentally ill criminal. It is his own version of the mad man but the audience agrees that it is nOT the version of the character we know and love. Suicide Squad in general is….different to say the least.

Obviously with so many movies about him,this new versio of the Joker is getting compared to one of theif not the most iconic Jokers to exist; Heath Leadger’s Joker. Personally I wouldn’t chosse between them because they both bring something amazing a different to the character. Ledger’s Joker is crazier and more unpredictable while Phoenix’s version is more of a transition into that madness. They’re truly both incredible actors.

Marvel’s golden age came to an end in ‘Avengers:Endgame’, they do have more coming of course, but this was certainly the end of an era. I would really like to see DC put out some more filmes like Joker and for their cinematic universe togrow into a full story where everything happens for a reason and Joker was a step in the right direction. Stay Peachy!


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