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Welcome to Sophia Margarita’s Page.


I am a filmmaker and actress based in Puerto Rico.


Within this site you can learn more about me and my previous projects.




☆great things that make my day ☆

You know how some days life just doesn’t treat you well? The days where you can’t wait to get home and breathe for a bit?Binge your favorite shows, listen to some music and just be…

Well I have certain things that help me unwind on days like these I think It’d be cute to share i don’t know these things make me very happy so why not.

☆Buzzfeed Unsolved☆

This is a Youtube series with two opposing hosts, Ryan;a firm believer in the paranormal and Shane,a firm believer in “ghosts are all bullsh*it”. They discuss unsolved mysteries and their theories and also visit haunted places. Their contrasting personalities makes the videos all the more entertaining.

☆The Adventure Zone☆

This is a podcast where the McElroy family play D&D together. Taako (portrayed by Justin) Magnus (portrayed by Travis) and Merle (portrayed by Clint) go on amazing adventures guided by their creative Dungeon master Griffin. Their characters are wonderful and their adventures are amazing, all to be topped off with their hilarious shinnanigains.Listening to this show makes me so ridiculosly happy I don’t even understand it.


Weather Im painting with watercolor or making a song from scratch, creating lets me free my mind from negative or stressing things and just get taken over by the projects. I also love to write. Wether it’s romance fanfiction or horror, I love to take my time with a certain idea.


I often grab a book and “read” it but my mind is in a completeky different place so Im not enjoying the story to the fullest. When I actually settle down and take my time with a book and let my senses be fully imeresed in a story…absolute bliss.


Ok hear me out first. Let’s say Im super stressed and I just wanna relax. I cannot relax in a messy room so cleaning helps. I find it relxing to de-clutter, feels like physically cleaning out your mind.

☆Shows I’ve already watched☆

There is nothing I mean NOTHING like re watching a show you love. I love ‘Friends’ and even though I know what’s next, it still gets lots of laughter out of me. Also ‘The Office’? I will watch Dwight start a fire millions of times and stil cackle to death.


It could be a very soft one or a violent one, giving myself time to watch and pay attention to an anime is so pleasing. Maybe I’ll rewatch ‘Your lie in April’ because I love pain, or maybe I’ll finally finish ‘Naruto’ (I really like it but oh my god it’s long.)

☆Video Games☆

I love video games, they just make you feel things a movie could never. My all time favorite is ‘The Last of Us’ (seriously check my instagram). I mainly play story based games like ‘The Walking Dead’ (the one with Clementine) and another one of my favorites ‘Bioshock’ and in case you were wondering,yes I am scared to play anything online 🙂

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140809104626
“The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140809104626” by Néstor Carvajal is licensed under CC BY 2.0 
Just to remind you that this game is amazing and that Part II comes out in 2020!!


Of course! Nothing makes me happier than doing my makeup for hours and strugguling to put in contact lenses . In all seriousness cosplay is my biggest creative outlet and going to conventions is always the best part of my year.Ive grown a lot as a cosplayer over the years and Im so happy to be a part of such a creative community that smells like hairspray and Junko posing ( it’s an addiction)

And that was a summary of things that make me very happy, I hope one of these can help you smile more often .Stay Peachy!


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