A Real Love Story: A ‘Marriage Story’ Review

Marriage Story Hakkında Bilinmesi Gerekenler ve Yorumlar

Marriage Story (2019)

Directed by Noah Baumbach

           ‘Marriage Story’ is a wonderfully written drama about a couple struggling through a  divorce. The film is incredibly fluid, every scene adds meaning to the complex story between these two characters. Every frame and transition shows you the current status of the character’s emotions. It makes the viewer feel every emotion the characters are feeling. Charlie and Nicole (our protagonists) were written so well that it feels as if we’re watching real people with a life after the end screen.

       The film is very refreshing among others because it show a much less represented side of love; the falling out of it. It’s portrayed very realistically, the characters struggle to fulfill their personal goals. And they recognize that a divorce would be beneficial to both parties. Instead of being portrayed as a simple ‘they-hated-eachother-so-the-got-diverced-the-end’ the couple still hold feelings for each other, hoping for the others happiness but realizing they wouldn’t work anymore. Charlie’s desperation to show he’s a good father and Nicole’s attempt at being easy on him shows how these characters were deeply in love at one point.

        Adam Driver (Charlie ) and Scarlett Johansson (Nicole) give spectacular performances, they really capture the emotions of the characters and make the viewer feel them too. The writing is also incredibly real, the way they awkwardly speak over each other feels very spontaneous in comparison to waiting for lines to just be delivered. Not to mention the cinematography and editing  enhance the performances. Each shot puts you in the character’s mind at the moment and the transitions carry over the emotions from scene to scene. This film is a fantastic way to show that happy endings aren’t always what you think they are.

I have watched it three times now and it keeps surprising me. I love the production of this film so so much really recommend you watch it with all that time you have stuck at home! Stay safe,stay homw and Stay Peachy!

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