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Welcome to Sophia Margarita’s Page.


I am a filmmaker and actress based in Puerto Rico.


Within this site you can learn more about me and my previous projects.




It Chapter 2: It ends…?

I should start by telling you that Im a huge fan of ‘It’… like I have so much merchandise my mom is starting to believe Im insane. So you know I watched the movie like 2 days after it came out. The first one has a special place in my heart, Bill Skarsgard’s representation is just incredible and honestly the main reason I love the story so much. Of course the losers all mean the world to me but Im here for the clown.

Most of you probably know that the terrifying clown is a fragment of Stephen King’s twisted imagination. What you may not know is that the movie adaptations of this 1,138 novel does not include every single detail, and that’s for the better. It is known that King wrote this book in the 80’s. In this time drugs were raging and King admitted that he wrote ‘It’ under the influence. It is a fantastic book,some parts however can be a quite confusing. Regardless , the book had a miniseries in 1990 and In 2017 a movie adaptation. The movie was a hit and called for a sequel.


The story continues in ‘It: Chapter 2’ with our beloved Losers, 27 years after they “defeat” the clown the first time.Mike Hanlon is the only one of the 7 who stayed in Derry and once he notices that the killings are back he decides to call all the adult Losers back to Derry. Already start with the wrong foot, Stanley Uris decides to take his life after Mike told him It was back. Everyone else shows up to their old town and they have that adorable reunion scene in the Chinese restaurant. Im not going to sit here and write out the movie, go watch it it’s worth it trust me.

I am really happy with the casting for the adult losers!! They all managed to capture their characters so well it truly fel like a grownup versionf of the kids we know and love. Another little detail that I like was how they integrated the flashback sequences,the transitions were seemless and managed to make me nostalgic even for their childhood. You could see they shared those memories together…I don’t know maybe it was me because Im attached to these characters. Also it was kinda really funny? I did not expect that at all but I was glad to have my trashmouth talk too much and my hypochondriac freak about grey water. Character wise It was very well rounded.

A lot of people didn’t like it because it was too bizarre and I honestly get where they’re coming from. They watch the first movie which focuses more on the scary aspects as the child eating clown scares each Loser with their personal fears. The second film is more about the losers getting over those fears and finally defeating Pennywise with a strange ritual that Mike found out about from the shakapiwa?? Thats what confused people, where did this ritual come from? Why didn’t we hear about it before?

The film played pretty loosely with the source material, yes, but I still believe that the way everything ended was good. I didn’t enjoy that Pennywise, the eater of worlds, was defeated by lowering his self-esteem like he was in middle-school. Regardless I think it was agood ending to this fear-filled story. What did you think? Was it good? Did it scare you? Did Eddie Kasbrak desevre better? (That last question only has one answer.)Tell me what you thought and thank you for reading my mediocre thoughts 🙂 Stay Peachy!


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